An Avid Cruiser’s Relaxing Life Aboard the Star Flyer in Photos

A big crew is needed to handle these sails--Photo by Wallace Immen

If you’ve ever spent any time on sailboats, you’ve learned there are often compromises to be made for the sake of the sails and the limited space below deck. You bunk in narrow cabins, the day is spent fussing with the sails and the best thing you can make from the tiny galley on board is reservations ashore.

That’s why I find a cruise on Star Clippers’ ships a revelation. They’re true sailing ships but built for the comfort of passengers who like to admire sails with having to hoist them and have plenty of space for chilling out. And the chefs on board turn out remarkably diverse gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

I’d been on the Star Flyer before but in my week on board off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Nicaragua it was even better than I’d experienced in the past.

Here’s a virtual tour above and below decks.

                                                                            ON DECK

On the mast of Star flyer

All right, so I did look down–Photo by Wallace Immen

On the bridge of the Star Flyer

Captain on the bridge with a firm hand on the wheel–Photo by Wallace Immen

                                                                   ON THE MENU

Table setting on Star Flyer

Table set in style for captain’s dinner–Photo by Wallace Immen

There’s an elegance to meals in the nautical dining room. I never saw a dish repeat at lunch or dinner. I found the food on this trip better and more varied than on my previous Star Clippers cruises. Every lunch had a theme and some surprises. On the Oriental day, there was a whole suckling pig on the carving board.

In fact, Star Clippers is emphasizing food in its upcoming cruises in Europe this summer. Guest chefs on Star Flyer will include chefs from famous restaurants in Germany and France giving cooking demonstrations in addition to preparing such dishes as soused herring and sommeliers doing tastings of wines and Champagnes. A sailing in Sweden is devoted to the art of smorgasbord and sushi is a theme for other sai;ings.

Gala dinner on Star Flyer

Fresh-caught lobster featured at the gala dinner– Photo by Wallace Immen

Buffet on Star Flyer

An oriental buffet for lunch-Photo by Wallace Immen

Waiter in march of baked Alaskas

Waiter uses his head–Photo by Waalce Immen



towel animals on Star Flyer

Towel animals take on a new twist–Photo by Wallace Immen

wisp[y clouds over Costa Rica

It looks like angels in the sky over Costa Rica–Photo by Wallace Immen



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