Scenic Plans Ultra Exploration Yacht

Scenic Eclipse Rendering of Scenic Eclipse--Courtesy Scenic

This one will be worth waiting for: Scenic plans to reach new heights in luxury ocean exploration with a “discovery yacht” including all-veranda suites, two helicopters, and a submarine.

With a super ice-class rating, Scenic Eclipse will offer adventure voyages in the Arctic, Antarctic and Norwegian fjords as well as the Americas and Europe, when it launches in August, 2018.

The all-inclusive yacht will carry just 228 guests, but offer a choice of six on-board dining options, from French to Pan Asian and Italian, Scenic promises. Chairman Glen Moroney said his company wants to open the discovery yacht experience so travellers can explore regions previously visited only by a fortunate few.

The ship is being designed to navigate challenging seas in comfort and safety, the designers say. Scenic Eclipse will utilize innovative zero-speed stabilizer fins, 50 per cent larger than standard to provide even greater stability. These sophisticated stabilizers, normally only found on the largest private super yachts, also work when the ship is stationary.

Twin-engine helicopters can take guests for expeditions and a seven-man custom-built submarine will offer undersea tours. A fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks will also be on board plus scuba diving and snorkeling equipment.

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