• Reception on Holland America

    5 Ways Holland America’s Enhancing Cuisine and Personal Explorations

    No one has more experience navigating the world than Holland America Line. Celebrating its 145th year, the company is using that savvy to launch a new international Culinary Council to plan menus and experimenting with a fascinating EXC In-Depth Voyages concept to personalize guest experiences. While the …

  • Cafe in Lyon

    8 Classic Tastes of Cuisine in Lyon, the City Where Dining is a Passion

    In the restaurants of Lyon, generations of experience and meticulous preparation consistently turn humble ingredients into magical dishes. And the choices are daunting. There are over 4,000 restaurants in France’s second-largest city, including 15 kitchens that score one or more stars in the Michelin Guide and …

  • Avalon Siem Reap

    River Ships Target New Audiences and Cruise Less-Known Routes

    From ships designed specifically for Millennials to new cruises on the Nile, the upper Mekong and the Zambezi River, there are no cookie cutter arrivals this year as the choices in river cruising keep expanding. New river ships are being specifically tailored for unique itineraries …

In the Spotlight
Serenity area on Carnival Sunshine

Here Comes the Carnival Sunshine as the Fun Ships Come of Age

by Wallace Immen in Carnival Cruise Line

Cruising is always evolving and smart cruise lines learn from the past as they look to the future. While Carnival Cruise Line has had some rough experiences in the past few months, the world’s largest cruise line is demonstrating that it’s learning from its hard …


Editors Choice

  • Cosmonaut space suit in Moscow museum of cosmoauts

    Remember the Space Race? What a lot of hot air and fear was generated over  the superpowers’ headline grabbing space feats–from the beeping of Russia’s Sputnik to Americans’ footprints on the moon. It was also a time when price seemed no object in getting to the …

  • Havana Bar on Carnival Vista

    The floor is packed with ladies who can’t help but get up and salsa to the band’s infectious Cuban beat, while half a dozen bartenders muddle mojitos and dance as they decorate daiquiris. The Havana Bar on Carnival Vista not only sounds and feels like an authentic …

  • Gatchina palace in Saint Petersburg

    For fans of fixer-upper home shows, the Gatchina Palace outside Saint Petersburg has got to be the ultimate renovation challenge. Two hundred bedrooms give or take, with ornate plaster work and inlaid hardwood floors everywhere and plenty of lavish party space, not to mention expansive grounds …

  • Street performers in Rome

    All roads may lead to Rome, but it’s still an hour’s drive away from Civitavecchia, where cruise ships have to dock. That means with travel time, a day on our own excursion to Rome from Oceania Cruise’s newly renovated Sirena, allows us  about six hours to have …

  • Anthem of the Seas deck

    So what will it be on a day at sea? Play hard or chill out? Eat sensibly or splurge? Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is designed to be a floating world  with a huge number of options for the stretches of two or three …

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  • Narrow streets of Old Cadiz
  • Fat Jimmy's BBQ on Carnival
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