• cocktail on Holland America

    New Look Holland America Ships Offer More Routes to Exploration

    The ancient glacial ice suddenly begins to churn.  Vast fissures burst open and house-sized chunks slide into the sea. Yet nearby, playful penguins live remarkably placid lives. It’s Antarctica as intriguingly captured on film over months of hardship by teams of explorers from BBC Earth …

  • Glacier Bay cruise

    A Gold Rush is On to Alaska as Cruise Lines Aim to Set Records

    It’s destined to be the ultimate banner year for cruises to the glittering glaciers, the snow-capped peaks and the wildlife of Alaska, along with opportunities to pan for gold. As overseas flights get more expensive and travelers choose to see “America First,” industry group Cruise …

In the Spotlight
Serenity area on Carnival Sunshine

Here Comes the Carnival Sunshine as the Fun Ships Come of Age

by Wallace Immen in Carnival Cruise Line

Cruising is always evolving and smart cruise lines learn from the past as they look to the future. While Carnival Cruise Line has had some rough experiences in the past few months, the world’s largest cruise line is demonstrating that it’s learning from its hard …


Editors Choice

  • Didyma Turkey ancient site

    On a typical day, over 20,000 people visit the ruins of Ephesus, and the majority of them come from cruises ships that dock in Kusadasi. The city is definitely not to be missed if you haven’t been there before, because its vast scale and beautifully preserved …

  • Viewing Caribbean from cruise ship

    It can always be deceiving looking at the horizon at sea. Some things that seem close can be remarkably distant. And it’s always  hard to predict whether far-off clouds will grow. But here’s a look ahead at some clear trends that will affect the cruise market …

  • Welcome home greeting from crew of Seabourn Sojourn

    When we arrive at the ship there’s a gauntlet to pass before we get to the gangway. More than a hundred of Seabourn Sojourn’s crew, from waiters to chefs to deck hands to office staff, are lined up along the dock to welcome us back …

  • Display in a Dutch candy store

    Feeling like a kid in a candy store in Edam, Holland–Photo by Wallace Immen Roel Boulengier likes dark and stormy nights the best. “I like it when the winds are howling and the rain is pouring: that’s when the windmill does its work the best,” …

  • Greek dancer in restaurant

    The brochures for Holland America’s shore excursion in Katakolon, Greece say it’s an opportunity to re-live what it was like to participate in the ancient Olympiade. Well not exactly re-live it, because the athletes then did their thing in the nude. I can imagine there were …

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  • Float plane on Misty Fjord
  • A scene in mosaic floor in Ephesus
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