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Scenic Eclipse

5 Ways Scenic’s Coming Superyacht Aims to Eclipse the Competition

by Wallace Immen in 10 Best Lists

It will have nearly as many crew as guests, food and amenities that rival five-star hotels and it’ll be tough enough to chew its way through pack ice at the poles. It’s Scenic Eclipse, and it will go above and beyond any other exploration ship, said Glen Moroney, …


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  • Pigeon in Corfu Town

    The toughest thing about taking a stroll around old Corfu Town is actually getting in to town. The cruise terminal for the wonderfully historic Greek island is a fair distance from the city itself. It’s so spread out  that we need to take a bus from where  Oceania Cruises’ …

  • Cheese market in Alkmaaar, Holland

    North Holland is windmill country, a landscape that inspired generations of Dutch masters as well as decades of paint by numbers sets. It’s easy to see why on a day excursion from Avalon Waterways’ new port stop in the historic port of Enkhuizen on the Zuider Zee. …

  • Cesky Krumlov castle

    Their eyes seem to follow you wherever you go. No they’re not spies left over from the Communist era. They’re decorative faces painted on the upper floors of houses in Cesky Krumlov that– like most everything in this remarkable town in the Czech Republic– have endured …

  • Fat Jimmy's BBQ on Carnival

    Carnival keeps coming up with to eliminate one of the traditional problems of sea days, the crowds around the breakfast and lunch buffets, when all 3,600 passengers are on board and thinking of eating at the same time. The solution on the Breeze is to …

  • The problem with being a tourist in Venice these days is that there are a lot of other tourists in Venice these days. Crossing the lagoon-side bridge that parallels the Bridge of Sighs by day is a lesson in fluid dynamics. If even one person …

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