• Queen Victoria addition

    Ships are Getting Major Rebuilds to Keep up with Trends in Cruising

    It’s a year when innovative new ships are making waves across the cruise spectrum. From debuts of small luxury ships from Seabourn Cruises and Silversea Cruises to the arrival of floating worlds including, MSC Cruise’s MSC Meraviglia and Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas and …

  • Moose statue in Canada

    Early Signs that a Trump Effect Could Boost Tourism to Canada This Year

    Is a Trump effect real news? Will tourists from around the world be snubbing the United States and plan their vacations elsewhere to protest President Donald Trump’s obsession with banning incoming travelers and stoking furnaces with coal, among other inexplicable policies? That was among the …

  • Happy Wednesday in Hong Kong

    Party Hopping on Happy Wednesday Night at the Races in Hong Kong

    A pop music combo is rocking a stage that’s surrounded by giant screens streaming videos of galloping horses. Gaggles of guys and gals are mingling and knocking back exotic cocktails, while models dressed like confections are handing out sample chocolates. And, oh yes, better place …

In the Spotlight
Viking River ship Freya

Europe River Cruising’s on a Roll with a Flood of New Ships

by Wallace Immen in Ama Waterways

River cruising is  the fastest growing segment of the cruise industry now, and that’s due in large part to rethinking the possibilities. Only a few years ago, river cruises didn’t appeal as much as land travel to North Americans. The ships that carried passengers on the …


Editors Choice

  • Pastries on AmaSonata

    I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that while every new river ship in Europe has to be the same length and height to navigate through the systems of  locks, cruise companies still manage to come up with  creatively different ways to use the same …

  • Deck of Seabourn Sojourn

      The Seabourn Sojourn was ready to sail; the passengers were all on board– except for us. What was supposed to be a leisurely afternoon to get acquainted with the ship and its options and maybe take a stroll around Copenhagen turned for us into …

  • Intercontinental hotel Hong Kong

    There’s no city skyline as iconic and fascinating as Hong Kong’s from the Kowloon side. At night, the architectural mountain range of the Central business district comes alive in neon and a fiber-optic and laser Symphony of Lights from buildings that seem to reach for the …

  • Ever dream of being a contestant on a TV game show? You know, the kind of show where the host goes into the audience and tells someone dressed in a crazy costume to get up on stage and do something even crazier. It’s a chance …

  • Castles on the Rhine

    River cruises in Europe have certainly matured in the past few years, offering the kind of amenities, luxury and cuisine once only found on ocean-going ships. As their popularity increases, all the river fleets are expanding rapidly, to the point where is can be almost …

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