• Pool in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    A Welcome Retreat in Cambodia’s Most Bustling Tourist Town

    All the brochures for a vacation in Cambodia picture Siem Reap as an idyllic place that time forgot, where tree roots sprout from mysterious, ancient Khmer archaeological ruins. What they don’t show is how these fantastic treasures have suddenly become magnets for throngs of tourists …

  • Hong Kong sign

    Lost in Translation: Looking Forward to Cruising to Fluffy Chicken

    Ever been to Fluffy Chicken? How about Whiz-Fiber Module? In my world travels, I’ve become used to running across signs in shops like Welcome Turist: We Spik Inglish. I’ve seen menus that promise “a gastronomic ordeal.” I get it that there are cultural differences when …

  • Rock cruise photo

    How Cruising with Zombies, Rockers and Jokers Become a Phenomenon

    Hey, your bloody face looks ultra-realistic. Thanks, I love the way that tie looks like it’s strangling you. Do you dream of cruising with thousands of zombies? It’s actually a thing, but you’ve got to act fast because  the 2018 Walker Stalker cruise is destined …

In the Spotlight
Bartender of Viking Star

8 Tastes of Life on Board Viking’s New Ocean-Going Star

by Wallace Immen in 10 Best Lists

The Viking Star is a ship that really celebrates Norwegian heritage. If you’re really into all things Norse,  you can get a Swedish massage at the Liv Nordic spa and plunge into an ice-cold pool before heading to lunch, where you can have a plate of herring and …


Editors Choice

  • Fruit in Cinque Terre

    I’ve just had an overdose of quaint. On an all-day excursion from Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas in Italy, my tour to the picturesque Cinque Terre region was a day-long feast of views of clusters of tiny, almost too perfect houses, in freshly painted …

  • Courtney Lapresi on MasterChef

    Winning quarterbacks still announce after they’ve won the Super Bowl that “I’m going to Disney World.” But these days, the typical thing winners on television reality shows do is get ready to board a cruise ship. For the winner of the latest season of Fox Broadcasting’s …

  • Alaska sled dogs

    It’s probably easier to get high in Juneau than anywhere in the world. Holland America’s Volendam docked in Alaska’s capital right next to the entrance of a cable car that in minutes can whisk visitors to a mountain top with a sweeping view of glacial …

  • Ceiling in Melk Abbey

    No cruise on the Danube River is complete without a visit to the monastery at Melk, but be sure to bring your sunglasses, both to protect against glare on a river cruise and for admiring the monastery’s visions of Heaven on earth. Photographs can never …

  • AidaPrima

    Expect to hear a lot more about clean burning fuels, recycling and apps to eliminate paper work as cruise lines work to prove themselves more environmentally friendly in 2017. Cruise ships powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) were until recently in the realm of science …

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