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Pastries on AmaSonata

6 Factors that Make AmaSonata a Fine-Tuned Danube Cruise

by Wallace Immen in 10 Best Lists

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that while every new river ship in Europe has to be the same length and height to navigate through the systems of  locks, cruise companies still manage to come up with  creatively different ways to use the same …


Editors Choice

  • Harvest Caye in Belize

    Think you’ve got a problem finding a parking space? Try figuring out where to tie up a cruise ship as long as a football field at a popular Caribbean island and then finding beach space and fun things to do for as many as 4,200 …

  • Drinks on Crystal Symphony

    How can you top Crystal Symphony? A lot of cruise ship designers have asked that question over the years as they’ve tried to out-do Crystal Cruises’ classic ship. Yet every year, Crystal Symphony and sister ship Crystal Serenity  maintain their lead in customer surveys. The latest …

  • Caribbean sunset

    All right, so you’re an experienced Caribbean cruiser. You’ve docked in places like Phillpsburg and Bridgetown so many times you qualify for frequent visitor status. You’ve slathered yourself in sun lotion on more palm-lined beaches than Columbus ever claimed. But I’ll bet there are still …

  • Immersion suit by Viking

    Mandatory lifeboat drill: Yum.  It’s the first activity on the program of any cruise. And  it’s probably everybody’s least favorite thing about their vacation at sea. Maybe you’ve been to the drills so many times you think you’ve memorized the script. You know that seven …

  • Robot bartending equipment on Quantum of the Seas

    Who would you rather have as your bartender on a cruise to Mars aboard Star Trek’s Enterprise: Guinan (as played by Whoopi Goldberg) or Mr. Data? There’s no contest in my mind that you’d choose the  wise-cracking mixologist who knows you want an extra olive and a twist of …

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  • Silver Muse suite
  • Fish near Pitcairn Island
  • Zumba class at sea
  • Banknotes in a stack
  • Crystal river ship Crystal Bach
  • Arctic polar bear