• Cafe in Lyon

    8 Classic Tastes of Cuisine in Lyon, the City Where Dining is a Passion

    In the restaurants of Lyon, generations of experience and meticulous preparation consistently turn humble ingredients into magical dishes. And the choices are daunting. There are over 4,000 restaurants in France’s second-largest city, including 15 kitchens that score one or more stars in the Michelin Guide and …

  • Avalon Siem Reap

    River Ships Target New Audiences and Cruise Less-Known Routes

    From ships designed specifically for Millennials to new cruises on the Nile, the upper Mekong and the Zambezi River, there are no cookie cutter arrivals this year as the choices in river cruising keep expanding. New river ships are being specifically tailored for unique itineraries …

  • Spirit of Scotland

    Barging In: Myths and Realities of Small Boat Cruising in Europe

    When you think of river cruising in Europe, the Rhine, Danube and Seine come immediately to mind. But how about the Nivernais Canal, the River Yonne, the Brenta, or the Canal du Midi? Europe is criss-crossed by less-known rivers and canals that were major ways …

  • Celebrity Edge

    Big, Bold and Innovative New Ships are Expanding Cruise Choices in 2018

    Full speed ahead!  Some big new ships making their debuts this year are so innovative they count as entirely new categories of cruise ship. The major lines – Carnival Cruises, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean – all have new versions of their biggest, showiest ships …

In the Spotlight
It's a magical landscape in Trollfjord

A Tight Squeeze as Seabourn Sojourn Seeks Out Trolls in Norway

by Wallace Immen in Europe

It seemed like a mission impossible. Trollfjord is a passage so narrow you can’t even see it between the mountains that surround it until you’re right alongside it. How could our long, wide ship make the tight squeeze into the slender dead-end fjord– let alone …


Editors Choice

  • Glacier Bay Alaska

    For frequent cruisers, seven days on a ship is never enough. And if you’ve been to Europe or Alaska or even South America more than once, you’re looking for a cruise itinerary that’s not only extended but also different from what’s you’ve seen before; something …

  • Chefs on Seven Seas Explorer

    Ever dreamed of having your own staff of chefs? Give them your choices of ingredients to match your whim at the moment and let them create a dish to your taste. It’s an intriguing option on Regent’s new Seven Seas Explorer. In addition to the …

  • Water festival in Burma

    It starts with a small drop of water on your shoulder for good luck, but stick around and it will turn into a tidal wave you can’t escape. There’s nothing anywhere quite like Water Festival in Myanmar. And for our tours from an Irrawaddy River …

  • Fishing shacks become summer homes in Olden Norway

    When Seabourn Sojourn docks in Olden, Norway, the local population doubles. The village is olden all right– with several of its houses and its iconic church dating back to the 1700s. And the setting is quaint in a way that only a Norwegian fjord village …

  •   Arrive hungry, advises a sign at the entrance to Harry’s, the alternative steak house on Carnival Liberty. And that turns out to be exceptionally good advice — because there’s not a chance you’ll leave hungry. But it’s tough to come prepared for the grand …

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