• Seabourn Encore Club Lounge

    Encore! A Sneak Peek at Seabourn’s Evolutionary New Ship

    The curtain’s about to rise on Seabourn Cruise Line’s newest and it’s clear the luxury brand isn’t just expecting applause for what’s come before. Seabourn Encore is a ship that represents a new stage in the evolution of luxury small-ship cruising, the company says. While …

  • Chef on Oceania Cruises

    7 Strategies for the Tastiest Dining Experiences on Oceania’s Sirena

    Let’s begin with escargots in Burgundy garlic butter with rosemary, then a salad of assorted greens with orange wedges. For the entrée, tamarind-glazed black cod with sweet ginger sauce and vegetable ragout. And for dessert, the  chocolate mousse is just too tempting. These are the sort of chef’s …

  • Deck of Oceania Sirena

    6 Additions that Make Oceania’s Remastered Sirena Sparkle

    It’s always a treat sailing away past the magical skyline of Venice. And Sirena’s crew makes it even more special with trays heaping with fresh-made Italian-inspired treats they’re almost begging us to sample. From the time we boarded Oceania Cruise’s newest addition, it seems the …

  • Husky dogs in Arctic

    5 Factors Changing the Future of Northwest Passage Cruising

    Polar bears, playful seals and flocks of birds you’ll only see in the land of frost are set against intensely blue water, sparkling ice and vast expanses of green and floral tundra. Brilliant afternoons, lingering golden dusks and the chance to see the Northern Lights make …

In the Spotlight
Waiter at Sel de Mer

Koningsdam’s Tasteful Dining Options Offer Flavors Fit for a King

by Wallace Immen in Cruise Lines

Each morning, at every port Koningsdam visited on our cruise around the Mediterranean, chefs went ashore to local markets to shop for fresh fish and vegetables. Meanwhile, a gardener in the Culinary Arts Center tended a garden of fresh sprouts and herbs. And two florists …


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