• Street performers in Rome

    5 Must-Sees in Rome that Most Visitors Never Get to See

    All roads may lead to Rome, but it’s still an hour’s drive away from Civitavecchia, where cruise ships have to dock. That means with travel time, a day on our own excursion to Rome from Oceania Cruise’s newly renovated Sirena, allows us  about six hours to have …

  • Play at Baba Vida, Bulgaria

    Ama Provides the Keys to Unlock the Lower Danube’s Iron Gates

    The Iron Gates: They sound so formidable, but these days you can lighten up. Passing through them becomes a party. The name of the treacherous  and narrow gorge on the lower Danube stems from the daunting challenge it posed to early would-be invaders in eastern Europe. The swift current and …

  • Quay in St. Tropez

    5 Reality Checks on St. Tropez in the Excesses of High Season

    Saint Tropez, we’re told, was an early Christian martyr whose headless body–along with a rooster and a dog–washed ashore in a leaky rowboat on the beach near what would become his namesake town. Those who arrive in St. Tropez by boat today do it in …

  • Seven Seas Explorer

    Answering 7 Questions about Regent’s Seven Seas Explorer

    Imagine the challenge of decorating Regent’s new Seven Seas Explorer. The assignment was to make it the most superb ship ever. They used enough marble to keep a quarry in Carrara, Italy busy for a year. The zillion decorative tiles are handmade and even the artworks in …

In the Spotlight
View from the Gresham Palace Hotel

Gresham Palace: A Grand Budapest Hotel with Four Seasons Flair

by Wallace Immen in Destinations

Boy am I glad my job isn’t being the glass cleaner at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest. The hotel’s stunningly sensual Art Nouveau stained glass, crystal chandeliers and even the hand-made glazed tiles on its walls must need constant polishing to keep them so …


Editors Choice

  • Viking River ship Freya

    River cruising is  the fastest growing segment of the cruise industry now, and that’s due in large part to rethinking the possibilities. Only a few years ago, river cruises didn’t appeal as much as land travel to North Americans. The ships that carried passengers on the …

  • Photo of mandrins in the ancient palace--Photo by Wallace Immen

      There’s something I always ponder when I visit royal fortresses. Were their high walls, moats and drawbridges mainly to keep marauding invaders out, or were they craftily built to keep the politicians in, so the people could get on with their lives? The historic photos …

  • Carriages in Granada Nicaragua

    A brochure welcoming visitors to town asks: San Juan del Sur: Can you believe it was once a sleepy fishing village? Yes I can believe it. It still is. But at least there’s an actual dock for Star Flyer’s tenders to tie up to on …

  • Dromedaries in Morocco

    They’ve got big eyes, furry ears and goofy, toothy grins– and they had us surrounded on the road in Morocco. It had hardly been the Marrakesh Express since we left Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity on the two-lane blacktop road from Agadir to the remarkable walled city …

  • Deck of Seabourn Sojourn

      The Seabourn Sojourn was ready to sail; the passengers were all on board– except for us. What was supposed to be a leisurely afternoon to get acquainted with the ship and its options and maybe take a stroll around Copenhagen turned for us into …

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