• Cafe in Lyon

    8 Classic Tastes of Cuisine in Lyon, the City Where Dining is a Passion

    In the restaurants of Lyon, generations of experience and meticulous preparation consistently turn humble ingredients into magical dishes. And the choices are daunting. There are over 4,000 restaurants in France’s second-largest city, including 15 kitchens that score one or more stars in the Michelin Guide and …

  • Avalon Siem Reap

    River Ships Target New Audiences and Cruise Less-Known Routes

    From ships designed specifically for Millennials to new cruises on the Nile, the upper Mekong and the Zambezi River, there are no cookie cutter arrivals this year as the choices in river cruising keep expanding. New river ships are being specifically tailored for unique itineraries …

  • Spirit of Scotland

    Barging In: Myths and Realities of Small Boat Cruising in Europe

    When you think of river cruising in Europe, the Rhine, Danube and Seine come immediately to mind. But how about the Nivernais Canal, the River Yonne, the Brenta, or the Canal du Midi? Europe is criss-crossed by less-known rivers and canals that were major ways …

  • Celebrity Edge

    Big, Bold and Innovative New Ships are Expanding Cruise Choices in 2018

    Full speed ahead!  Some big new ships making their debuts this year are so innovative they count as entirely new categories of cruise ship. The major lines – Carnival Cruises, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean – all have new versions of their biggest, showiest ships …

In the Spotlight

Seeing Rome in a Day: Six Sights from Piazza Navona

by Wallace Immen in 10 Best Lists

Salve! It translates literally as “hail,” and dates back to the days when they were wearing togas in the Forum. It’s still a standard morning greeting of Romans when they’re talking among themselves. You hear it when you get out of the main tourist zones …


Editors Choice

  • AmaMagna on the Danube

    AmaWaterways is making the biggest expansion in its history in 2019, with the addition of three new river cruise ships. The fleet additions include the innovative AmaMagna, which will be almost twice as wide as the average river cruise ship yet still carry just 194 …

  • Harvest Caye in Belize

    Think you’ve got a problem finding a parking space? Try figuring out where to tie up a cruise ship as long as a football field at a popular Caribbean island and then finding beach space and fun things to do for as many as 4,200 …

  • Hells Canyon, Idaho

    The water appears to boil as swirling whitecaps rise up over jagged rocks that lurk barely below the surface. “Hang on! I’m going to be doing some really fast turns,” cautions the pilot of our Snake River Adventures Hells Canyon jet boat. We’re perfectly safe, …

  • Statue of David in Florence

    The abiding truth about Florence is that it’s a long journey inland from the cruise port of Livorno. That kept Firenze safe by being a day’s march inland for invaders, but let’s face it; the commercial port of Livorno isn’t the place you want to …

  • Snake charmer in Tangier, Morocco

    A snake charmer was doing head fakes with a five-foot-long viper he’d wrapped around his neck like a scarf. A couple of times he seemed to actually kiss it while a duo of horn players and a drummer played a hypnotic melody. “Want to try?” …

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