• Chef on Oceania Cruises

    7 Strategies for the Tastiest Dining Experiences on Oceania’s Sirena

    Let’s begin with escargots in Burgundy garlic butter with rosemary, then a salad of assorted greens with orange wedges. For the entrée, tamarind-glazed black cod with sweet ginger sauce and vegetable ragout. And for dessert, the  chocolate mousse is just too tempting. These are the sort of chef’s …

  • Deck of Oceania Sirena

    6 Additions that Make Oceania’s Remastered Sirena Sparkle

    It’s always a treat sailing away past the magical skyline of Venice. And Sirena’s crew makes it even more special with trays heaping with fresh-made Italian-inspired treats they’re almost begging us to sample. From the time we boarded Oceania Cruise’s newest addition, it seems the …

  • Husky dogs in Arctic

    5 Factors Changing the Future of Northwest Passage Cruising

    Polar bears, playful seals and flocks of birds you’ll only see in the land of frost are set against intensely blue water, sparkling ice and vast expanses of green and floral tundra. Brilliant afternoons, lingering golden dusks and the chance to see the Northern Lights make …

  • Street performers in Rome

    5 Must-Sees in Rome that Most Visitors Never Get to See

    All roads may lead to Rome, but it’s still an hour’s drive away from Civitavecchia, where cruise ships have to dock. That means with travel time, a day on our own excursion to Rome from Oceania Cruise’s newly renovated Sirena, allows us  about six hours to have …

  • Play at Baba Vida, Bulgaria

    Ama Provides the Keys to Unlock the Lower Danube’s Iron Gates

    The Iron Gates: They sound so formidable, but these days you can lighten up. Passing through them becomes a party. The name of the treacherous  and narrow gorge on the lower Danube stems from the daunting challenge it posed to early would-be invaders in eastern Europe. The swift current and …

In the Spotlight
All at sea

Frank Del Rio Jr. on Regent and Oceania’s Itineraries of the Future

by Wallace Immen in Asia

What’s new in Pago Pago? How’s the Road to Mandalay? These are questions Frank Del Rio Jr. grapples with every day as senior vice-president of port and destination services for Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “My old man (Prestige Cruise Holdings CEO Frank …


Editors Choice

  • Gene Simmons in KISS concert at sea

    It’s becoming an armada: the KISS Navy will be forming again for The KISS Kruise VI: Creatures of the Deep. Fans from all corners of the globe will embark on KISS’s sixth voyage, based on 1982’s quintessential “Creatures of the Night” tour. The cruise on Norwegian …

  • Crew of river ship Avalon Vista celebraates christening

    Like all great fairy tales, the events unfolding had a building sense of enchantment. The dual christening ceremony to launch Avalon Waterways’ two newest Panorama-class ships was a rare event, even for a cruise industry that is christening ships regularly. Side by side, the ships …

  • A white tip shark straight on

    It’s party time along the coast of Costa Rica. Beneath the waves, the action is as hot and heavy as it can get at Spring Break time above water on the beaches of Cancun or Fort Lauderdale. But here we’re 40 feet under water and …

  • Sign on cafe in Piraeus. Greece

    A taxi tout at the port of Piraeus summed up what he thought tourists could find in the city: “It’s a good place to find a coffee, but that’s about all.” Surely, he was just saying that to get someone to hire him for a …

  • Beach on Virgin Gorda

    It may not be clear as you scan the cruise brochures for your dream getaway to someplace warm that there are two main routes around the Caribbean: Eastern and Western. They go back to the days of sailing ships and originally developed because of the …

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