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Deck of Oceania Sirena

6 Additions that Make Oceania’s Remastered Sirena Sparkle

by Wallace Immen in 10 Best Lists

It’s always a treat sailing away past the magical skyline of Venice. And Sirena’s crew makes it even more special with trays heaping with fresh-made Italian-inspired treats they’re almost begging us to sample. From the time we boarded Oceania Cruise’s newest addition, it seems the …


Editors Choice

  • Street performers in Rome

    All roads may lead to Rome, but it’s still an hour’s drive away from Civitavecchia, where cruise ships have to dock. That means with travel time, a day on our own excursion to Rome from Oceania Cruise’s newly renovated Sirena, allows us  about six hours to have …

  • Stack of Silversea ship

    Silversea Cruises is reintroducing its Silver Select promotion with enhanced savings available for a limited time on 52 worldwide voyages, including several expedition cruises. The deal includes a two-category suite upgrade or $1,000 on-board spending credit for guests booking ocean-going voyages, along with the ability to …

  • Finale of a ballet gala for Scenic Tsar guess in Russia

    Our Russian river journey ended as Scenic Tsar docked in St. Petersburg, but the trip was far from over. As they had all through the two week experience, Scenic’s staff had exclusive surprises for us. One day we toured the gorgeous Petrodvorets summer palace and …

  • Sled dog puppy in Tromso Norway

    As if we didn’t need a reminder that things are different north of the Arctic Circle, our first sight as we got off Seabourn Sojourn in the surprisingly bustling city of Tromso was a reindeer, calmly strolling along the main street of town. The guide …

  • Serenity waterfall and pool on a quiet day

    There’s so much to see on the newly rebuilt Carnival Sunshine and there’s been so little time to actually see it. On my cruise from Barcelona around the Mediterranean to Venice, it’s been a port a day with morning to evening shore excursion for four …

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  • Husky dogs in Arctic
  • Hells Canyon, Idaho
  • Statue of David in Florence
  • Sled dog puppy in Tromso Norway