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Deck of Oceania Sirena

6 Additions that Make Oceania’s Remastered Sirena Sparkle

by Wallace Immen in 10 Best Lists

It’s always a treat sailing away past the magical skyline of Venice. And Sirena’s crew makes it even more special with trays heaping with fresh-made Italian-inspired treats they’re almost begging us to sample. From the time we boarded Oceania Cruise’s newest addition, it seems the …


Editors Choice

  • Anthem of the Seas deck

    So what will it be on a day at sea? Play hard or chill out? Eat sensibly or splurge? Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is designed to be a floating world  with a huge number of options for the stretches of two or three …

  • Mythical Norse horse Alsvin

    I can’t imagine any voyage more steeped in European history than a cruise along the Danube aboard a Viking Longship whose program director is a guy named Attila “the Hun-garian.” Even our starting point on the Danube is iconic. The Viking River Cruise dock is …

  • Andre Soltner

    You’ve seen the legendary restaurant recreated in scenes of television’s Mad Men series and many films about the swinging sixties. But for one magical evening, the elegant and delicious Lutèce restaurant was reincarnated aboard Crystal Serenity. Its owner, Andre Soltner was a celebrity chef before …

  • Metropllitan by Como pool Miami

    There must be a million mojito muddlers in Miami, but I’m nominating  the crew at  the Metropolitan by COMO hotel as numero uno bar team. No, I haven’t had one too many; it’s a fact that the staff at this hotel pay so much attention to every …

  • A World Cruise for $10 a day! Sounds incredible but it was true—at the dawn of modern cruising 90 years ago. Europe was finally pulling itself back together from the devastation of the War to End Wars and the stock market was soaring to unheard-of …

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